Gain a 360-degree View of Your Customers and Close Deals Faster with AI CRM Software

Access detailed customer profiles with purchase history and preferences to tailor your communication for maximum impact with our CRM software.  

eDAS’s CRM Software: The Next Gen Solution to Manage All Your Company’s Interactions

Go beyond simply storing contact information with eDAS’s CRM software. Get a unique feature that consolidates customer interactions from various channels, including chats, social media, and emails, into a single, easy-to-understand dashboard. This empowers your sales and service teams with a complete picture of each customer, allowing them to personalize interactions, build stronger relationships, and close deals faster. 

Here’s How our All-in-One CRM Empowers Your Business

Resolve customer inquiries faster with a centralized ticketing system and efficient task assignment.

Empower customers to find answers on their own with a comprehensive knowledge base.

Boost team productivity through streamlined task management and clear prioritization.

Automate repetitive workflows to free up your team's time for strategic initiatives.

Ensure consistent processes and eliminate wasted effort with automated workflows.


Reduction in response time


Increase in CSAT score


Reduction in average handling time

Powerful Features for an Unmatched CRM Experience

eDAS Advantage

Automate for Efficiency

Take the reins off repetitive tasks. eDAS automates smart ticket assignment, enforces service level agreements (SLAs), manages agent shifts, and guides workflows. This frees up your team to focus on complex issues and deliver exceptional service. Start your free trial of eDAS CRM today and see the difference!  

Effortless Collaboration

Foster a collaborative environment for your support team. Share notes and mentions, collaboratively own tickets, leverage pre-written responses (canned responses), and utilize parent-child ticketing for complex inquiries. This ensures everyone is on the same page and can seamlessly contribute to resolving customer issues. 

AI-powered CRM Software

Our CRM’s Reply Assistant uses AI to suggest personalized responses to common inquiries, analyze customer emotions for empathetic communication, and even summarize interactions for faster understanding.  

Unparalleled Customization

Make eDAS CRM your own. Rebrand the interface to match your company aesthetic, create custom ticket forms specific to your needs, and even personalize your domain name. This level of customization ensures your CRM impeccably integrates with your existing workflows. 

Actionable Reporting

Gain valuable insights to continuously improve your customer service. eDAS CRM provides comprehensive reporting on support monitoring, SLA adherence, team performance, and customer satisfaction. This data empowers you to identify areas for improvement and optimize your support strategy. 

CRM Benefits Built for Your Success

Get up and running quickly with our intuitive interface and comprehensive training resources. 

Our dedicated support team is always available to answer your questions and ensure your success. 

Enjoy a cost-effective solution that scales with your business needs. 

Effortlessly migrate your data from existing systems with our expert assistance. 

Close deals faster and nurture leads more effectively with powerful sales tools. 

Deliver exceptional service that fosters loyalty and reduces churn. 

Ready to transform your customer experience and unlock business growth?

Start your free trial of eDAS CRM today and see the difference!