Is inefficient on-field employee tracking hindering your company's potential?

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In response to the imperative need for precise field workforce management, we proudly present FLEETRACK©, an advanced field tracking system designed to automate and optimize employee tracking during field operations.  

This comprehensive solution comprises a software and a mobile application, collectively engineered to elevate the efficiency and accuracy of field activities. 

FLEETRACK©, beyond its real-time tracking capabilities, serves as a powerful tool for data generation, providing insightful metrics on time utilization. This invaluable feature enables the identification of non-value-added activities, thereby facilitating a more streamlined workflow and expeditious completion of assignments. 

FLEETRACK© Advantage: Guiding Your Journey with Precision


Effortlessly monitor your team’s movements in real-time, recording precise routes taken to assignment sites through advanced GPS technology.

Ensure the integrity of assessments by confirming the physical presence of employees at assignment sites using geo-verification through the FLEETRACK© app. 

Simplify attendance management, allowing employees to mark their attendance with location data, facilitating accurate tracking of working hours. 

Unify your employee management tasks within a single, intuitive application. Update assignment details, track attendance, and monitor locations seamlessly. 

Experience 95% precision in calculating daily travel distances, aiding in the validation, processing, and digitization of conveyance expense requests.

Access real-time and historical assignment data, gaining valuable insights into employee activities and performance.

Empower your workforce with a personalized dashboard, providing employees with a detailed overview of daily and monthly tasks for efficient self-monitoring.

Enable direct communication between field representatives and support functions for quick assistance or issue resolution, enhancing operational agility. 

Harness the power of FLEETRACK© to generate comprehensive reports on completed tasks, offering valuable data for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making.


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