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Dive into our refreshing and upgraded full stack contact center software – VAANI 2.0. 


Meet VAANI 2.0!

Experience a revolution in customer service with VAANI 2.0, the next-generation contact center solution from eDAS. It delivers AI-powered insights, omnichannel communication, and enterprise-grade security - all with 100% IT security.

We built it upon the award-winning omnichannel dialer solution - VAANI to deliver unmatched efficiency, flexibility, and performance, helping you surpass customer expectations and unlock new frontiers of business success.

What’s new in VAANI 2.0?

Intuitive and elegant design

Streamline operations and boost agent productivity with a user-friendly interface. 

Seamless integration

Connect effortlessly with your existing ecosystem through powerful API solutions. 

Unmatched customization

Tailor the platform to your unique needs and brand identity for a truly personalized experience. 

Flexible deployment

Choose from cloud, on-premise, or hybrid options to fit your specific requirements, and much more… 

Other Features of VAANI 2.0

Challenges Addressed by VAANI 2.0 Across Industries

Reduce customer churn and increase satisfaction

Enhance operational efficiency and optimize agent performance

Drive revenue growth through improved customer loyalty

Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions

Sectors Whom We Cater


Build trust and loyalty with secure interactions and streamlined processes. 


Turn frustrated shoppers into brand ambassadors with personalized service and lightning-fast resolutions. 


Deliver compassionate care with efficiency, ensuring every patient gets exceptional customer service. 


Reduced operating costs, improved first-call resolution rates, increased customer satisfaction, stronger brand loyalty. 


Increased conversion rates, reduced cart abandonment, personalized customer journeys, positive online reviews. 


Increased service bookings, improved customer retention, streamlined sales processes, stronger brand loyalty. 

Real estate

Increased lead conversion rates, faster deal closures, improved agent productivity, enhanced client satisfaction. 

Travel & Tourism

Booking confirmations, travel updates, and personalized promotional offers, enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Ready to transform your contact center and revolutionize your customer experience?

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